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  • Veteran cyclist with over 35-years of experience, specializing in training new and inexperienced riders.
  • Silver medalist in the Tennessee Senior Olympic road race of 2018.
  • Licensed Level 3 USAC Cycling Coach and current head coach for the Middle Tennessee JDRF Team.


Jeff's passion for cycling is not just a hobby; it's a way of life. With a vast history of participating in various cycling events, from centuries and double centuries to biathlons and racing, he has an extensive wealth of knowledge to share. His proudest moment came in 2018 when he secured the silver medal in the Tennessee Senior Olympic road race.

As a Level 3 USAC Coach, Jeff now dedicates his time to training budding cyclists, especially those who are new to the sport, helping them achieve their goal of riding 100 miles.

His writing reflects his hands-on experiences, valuable lessons learned over the years, and his distinctive philosophy derived from actively participating in the cycling community.

Outside of cycling, Jeff's diverse interests span music, writing, home renovations, and scuba diving. As a creative at heart, he graduated with a B.M. in Music from Ohio State University.

Other Tidbits

Jeff holds a Bachelor's degree in Music from Ohio State University. His commitment to the sport of cycling is further demonstrated through his qualification as a Level 3 USAC Cycling Coach.

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