Are Fixies Good For Commuting?

Man Pushing His Fixie Bike

As commuters, we are a bit spoiled when it comes to choosing a bike to get to work on. Are fixies good for commuting? Check out the pros and cons here!

Best Bike Helmet Rear Lights – Be Seen!

Black Cycling Helmet with rear light

A rear bike helmet light will increase your visibility and mean that you can be seen more easily in traffic – win win for safety! Check out the best bike helmet rear lights!

How To Track Indoor Cycling With A Fitbit

How To Track Indoor Cycling With Fitbit

Learn how to track indoor cycling with Fitbit. Hot tip – you’re going to need to add the spinning activity to your shortcuts! Read our step by step guide!

Can You Convert A Road Bike To A Gravel Bike?

Trek Gravel Bike In The Forest

Converting your road bike to a gravel bike can be done with relative ease and on a wide variety of budgets so get that old road bike out of the garage and treat it to a stint on the tracks!