5 of The Best Mountain Bike Headlights

There are many different types of mountain bike headlights out there, but not all of them work as intended. Find out what works best for you!

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Mountain biking is an enjoyable exercise loved by many. While people mountain bike during the day, you can also ride at night with a high-quality mountain bike headlight.

Mountain biking at night offers a thrilling experience – especially when you can see 🤪! In this guide, we share the most critical qualities to consider when choosing a headlight.

Below are my top 5 mountain bike headlights. Please enjoy the roundup review as I know it’s hard to know where to splash your cash!

How To Choose A Mountain Bike Headlight

Since many headlight products exist on the market, it can be hard to know what to select. When choosing the best mountain bike headlight, we recommend prioritizing these key factors:

  • Lumens and brightness
  • Burn or run time
  • Price point
  • User accessibility and extras

The right mountain bike headlight for you depends on these four crucial factors.

Lumens And Brightness

The most important quality to look for in a mountain bike headlight is the lumen brightness. Mountain bike headlights work well for riding at night and in low-lit conditions. Therefore, you need a headlight with high brightness to help you see your path ahead!

More lumens are best to ensure visibility of the area in front of you. Still, anything above a minimum of 1,500 lumens works well for low-light mountain biking.

Most of our preferred headlights are over 1,500 lumens. Some riders utilize multiple forms of light such as a rear light, helmet light, handlebar light, etc. In this case, a headlight with lower lumens works fine if the other lights on the bike make up for it in brightness.

Furthermore, don’t neglect beam patterns when considering lumens. Beam patterns are how the light disperses across the path or trail ahead. These patterns, combined with lumens, determine how well you see when riding.

Beam patterns are either flood patterns or spot patterns. Flood patterns display a larger area, helping you figure out what’s around you. However, spot patterns clarify details.

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Burn Or Run Time

A burn or run time for a mountain bike headlight refers to the length of time the light operates. Many cyclists place their bike lights on a lower setting to preserve the battery. However, they can still see the objects in their path.

A typical bike light runs for two hours, enough for a quality nighttime ride.

Some lights last longer than others, depending on the strength setting selected. A powerful setting with higher brightness requires recharging sooner than a lower one.

Altogether, you should consider the duration of your nightly bike rides to determine the best run time for you. More is better as a rule of thumb.

Price Point

You may have to choose your mountain bike headlight based on your budget. Many people have to stick to their price range and choose a headlight within that range.

Fortunately, you can find numerous high-quality mountain bike headlights for an assortment of prices. Our top five picks vary in price points. However, all are phenomenal picks to fit your needs.

Some headlights cost more because of the increased lumens. If you find one you like, but it’s too expensive for you, consider looking at the same brand with fewer lumens for a more affordable price.

Finding a cheaper model of an expensive brand does not have to mean sacrificing quality. If you choose a close enough model, you’ll arrive at a good solution for the price.

User Accessibility And Extras

Many bikers enjoy additional features for their mountain bike headlights.

First, it is wise to consider the user accessibility of the headlight itself. Does it come with useful features you would use often? Does the headlight offer something you have not seen with other models? All these thoughts are good to consider!

Maybe you are looking for a mountain bike headlight with multiple flashing modes. Or, you may want one with an external battery pack or a bar-mounted light.

Furthermore, most mountain bike lights are multi-functional, so pay attention to each headlight’s features.

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Best Mountain Bike Headlights – Our Top 5 Picks

After considering the top features for the best mountain bike headlight, read on for our top five picks.


Our number one choice for the best mountain bike headlight is the Touhohut LR-Y8. This company has over fifteen years of experience producing and selling bicycle lights, so you know you are getting a quality headlight.

This impressive mountain bike headlight has 7000 lumens (a perfect brightness for nighttime rides). It is also battery-powered and has three powerful LED lights in the headlight. In addition, the headlight has five light modes and the tail light has four.

All these light modes can switch in a few seconds. The tail light works well for helmet mounting while the headlight allows for a handlebar mount.

  • A headlight and taillight combo
  • Has over 15 hours of runtime, so you won’t need to replace batteries for a couple of rides. Less to worry about on a longer ride!
  • Multifunctional lights
  • Weatherproof, durable, waterproof, and lasts against snow
  • Lifetime warranty and 365-day refund
  • Easy installation on the bike
  • Includes a USB power bank for charging your phone and other devices
  • Some users have reported the tail light working poorly


Our second choice for the best mountain bike headlights is this model by Gyhuego. Like our top pick, this product is a head and tail light combination, making it convenient and cost-effective.

This product has a brightness of 4000 lumens max. Despite its brightness, it will not shine a harsh light in drivers’ or other cyclists’ eyes.

You can choose from many modes for both headlights and tail lights. This tail light is red and bright in color, which is especially beneficial for nighttime visibility. This model can also withstand various weather conditions and lasts even when impacted or dropped.

Lastly, this product has the useful ability to double as a USB charger for your phone.

  • Easy installation; the tail light can be installed on a helmet, backpack, bike bag, or bicycle
  • 3 or 5 switch modes for the headlight and 5 modes for tail light
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Very bright
  • Run time might be too low for some riders (4 hours on high modes, 8 hours on low modes)


Our third choice for a mountain bike headlight operates at 2000 lumens, is waterproof, and has 13 different light modes. It is a multipurpose light used for hiking and can be handheld.

Furthermore, you can mount your GoPro with the headlight to film your biking experiences.

  • Easy installation with no tools required
  • It has a GoPro mount for recording while biking
  • 2000 lumen headlight doubles as a handheld flashlight
  • USB rechargeable
  • Tail light not included
  • 2000 lumens is a low amount for some riders


This mountain bike headlight includes both a headlight and taillight. It is a cost-effective option that is great for beginner cyclists just starting.

This headlight operates for over six hours and only requires two hours of a USB charge to run. Both the front and back lights are visible from a long distance.

These lights are both battery and USB- powered. The tail light is USB while the headlight is a battery.  Overall, a versatile set because you can use it on wheelchairs, scooters, and strollers. It is also durable and weatherproof for all types of conditions.

  • Affordable
  • Simple installation
  • Impressive brightness despite somewhat lower lumen
  • Long-lasting performance of 6+ hours, with 2 hours required for USB charge
  • Front light visible from 2 miles away
  • Rear light visible from blocks away
  • Waterproof and durable in all weather conditions
  • Lumens for both the head and tail light are considerably lower


The fifth and final headlight includes a rear light as well. The Cat Eye features easy installation/operation and works nicely for the regular urban commuter.

This headlight is excellent for side visibility as not all products attend to this view. It is pricier but offers the uniqueness of a paired app with multiple helpful features. Furthermore, Wiggle offers refunds/returns within 365 days.

  • Includes both a headlight and tail light
  • USB rechargeable for both lights
  • Increased side visibility
  • Works with the CatEyeSync app that’s unique to this brand. You can control and sync all bike lights all from within the app, which has many useful functions not found anywhere else
  • Pricey
  • Headlight lumen is considered slightly low at 500, 50-lumen backlight

Finals Thoughts

You should now feel more comfortable choosing the best mountain bike headlight given the factors we’ve explored.

To recap, our top pick for a mountain bike headlight is the Touhohut LR-Y8 7000 Lumens Bike Headlight.

We at The Cycling Point wish you luck in your search for the best mountain bike headlight and hope our guide has helped! Check out our other articles for more biking and cycling information and reviews.

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