Can You Take An Electric Bike On A Plane?

Due to aviation regulations, it is unlikely that you can take your electric bike on the plane. However there are a few workarounds. Read on for more info!

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Being able to transport your electric bike with you as you travel and maintain your fitness goals is ideal. For you, the electric bike may be essential to you making progress on your fitness and traveling in an economical way. It does reduce the amount of peddling you have to do and is a great option for exploring new places. 

Unfortunately, they are not always able to be transported, especially if you are considering taking a plane. Before you assume you can take an electric bike with you, it is important to know if airlines will allow them and what you can expect.

Can You Take An Electric Bike On A Plane?

The short answer to this question in most scenarios is no. Especially not with the battery. An electric bike cannot be taken on a plane due to the lithium battery and the effects that it can have on the airplane.

All batteries have to be approved before they can access the plane, and the battery for an electric bike is too hard to carry, even if it is checked. If you have a short domestic trip to take that is only a week or less, then it’s quite a hassle of convincing the airline to let you have your bike.

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Wattage Limit

Because the battery on the electric bike exceeds the 100Wh allowance, this is the main reason why it cannot be checked. Most airlines require 100Wh or less.

Even more so, lithium batteries are also restricted when it comes to planes. The size of the battery is also a concern. As one large battery is not ideal for your checked luggage.

Take Creative Measures To Transport An Electric Bike On A Plane Without Violating TSA

If you are adamant about carrying your bike with you when you travel, you need to consider the following options to get it past TSA and checked onto the plane. There are a few ways that you can get creative and possibly get the bike on the plane.

  • Remove the battery
  • Have multiple small batteries
  • Plan to rent a battery at your new destination if available

Remove The Battery

The first idea is to just use your electric bike as a regular pedal bike for a while. You can remove the battery from it and check it like a regular bike on the plane.

It would follow all guidelines for checking bikes at that time, and you would just use it like a regular bike during your trip.

Removing battery from eBike

Have Multiple Small Batteries

If you haven’t been able to source batteries at your destination then try breaking it down. What I mean is, that you can consider purchasing small batteries that will fit in your carry-on luggage and add up to the wattage of your bike. 

Keep in mind that these have to go in the carry-on luggage and cannot be at the bottom of the plane for safety reasons. For example, a 300Wh battery can be brought into 3 of the 100Wh batteries that combine and make one.

Plan To Rent Or Purchase A Battery When You Land

You may have the option to rent an electric battery or purchase one that is cheap to use while you are there. This is assuming that you took your electric bike on the plane like a regular bike without a battery.

When you are done with the battery, you can return it to the renter. If you purchased one and cannot take it back with you on the plane, then consider selling it to a local bike shop. With the move to electric bikes in a lot of places, they may be looking to purchase a few of these for customers.

Is There Any Equipment I Can Take On A Plane?

Adamant to keep your fitness level up when you are traveling? Then the list below is some items you can pack and take with you to keep your heart rate up while traveling.

  • Jump rope
  • Resistance bands
  • Kettlebell
  • Dumbbells

These can easily fit and be checked into your luggage. The dumbbells and kettlebells should be either one or the other because you will want to carry them in a carry-on. Too much weight in a checked bag could result in overweight fees!

Electric Bike Rentals Are Growing

If you are not able to take your electric bike on the plane, don’t sweat it too much. 

Renting electric bikes is a growing service domestically. Many areas that have a lot of visitors and outdoor attractions have started adding them to their regular bike and electric scooter rentals.

They are also starting to gain popularity internationally. So check out the area you are visiting and see if electric bike rentals are available. Now, in most cases, they are more expensive than a regular bike rental. However, it is still cheaper than having to purchase new batteries, remove batteries and check a bike on your flight.

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Equipment To Use In Place Of An Electric Bike

Now that you have landed at your destination without your electric bike, you still have a few options to consider for traveling and exercise. If you were planning to use your electric bike for traveling around the area, consider getting an electric scooter to help you navigate your destination.

If you are looking to keep your fitness up and still get around, then a regular bike rental may be the right option for you. If you are staying at a hotel or resort, there is likely to be a gym onsite that has various gym equipment you can use for your cardio needs. Or keep it simple and go for a run outside!

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Plan For Your Trip

Depending on where you are traveling and if you are taking a plane, it is important to contact the airline first before you start assuming they will check the electric bike for you.

You want to make sure that you are prepared so that when you get to the airport, you do not miss your flight or have to leave behind any items. Once they have confirmed whether the electric bike can go without the battery, then you can move forward with the next steps.

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