Whether you're trading in your car keys for bike pedals or refining your daily cycling route to work, this space is dedicated to making your commute smoother, safer, and more enjoyable.

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Woman sitting on a bike with her phone

How To Carry Your Phone While Cycling

Master the art of carrying your phone while cycling with our expert guide. Keep it secure, accessible, and protect it from elements. Get cycling-smart now!

Commuting cyclist

How To Bike Work Without Getting Sweaty

Do you arrive at work drenched in sweat after commuting by bike? If you do, then check out these tips and tricks on getting to work without getting sweaty!

Male commuter riding his bike to work

Tips & Tricks For Commuting To Work By Bike

Commuting to work by bike is becoming increasingly popular. Want to try it out? This article provides some great tips to get started.

French cycling route sign

How To Create A Strava Route For Cycling

Cyclists can upload their rides to Strava and compare their stats with friends and family. Learn how to create a Strava route for cycling here!

Single Speed Bike With Green Rims

Are Single Speed Bikes Good For Commuting?

A single speed bike is great for those who want to commute to work or school. It’s also perfect if you’re just starting out riding a bike. Find out why here!