Bike Maintenance

Explore step-by-step guides, expert tips, and troubleshooting advice to ensure your bike rides as smoothly as the day you got it. Every great ride begins with a well-maintained bike!

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Bike seat close up

Why Does My Bike Seat Keep Coming Loose?

Annoyed having to tighten the bolts around your bike seat every time you go for a ride? We have a look at some solutions to help your bike seat stay up!

Flat bicycle tire

How To Bike Deflate A Tire (Any Valve Type!)

Overpumped your bicycle tire? Learn how to bike deflate a tire. Check out our step by step instructions on how to deflate a tire.

Man inspecting a bike chain

How To Tighten A Bike Chain

There are many reasons why you should maintain your bike chain. In fact, if you don’t know how to do it right, it’s quite dangerous. Keep reading to learn more!

Close up of bike brake pads

How To Clean Bike Brake Pads

Bicycle maintenance is an essential part of riding safely and efficiently. Learning how to clean your bike brake pads is a great time investment!

Bike Rim and Chain

How To Remove Rust From Bike Chain

Check out our simple step-by-step guide on how to remove rust from your bike chain. Read on!

Pedros Starter Bicycle Tool Kit

Best Bike Tool Kit: Must-Haves for DIY Bike Mechanics

Avoid costly repair shops! With the best bike tool kit, handle maintenance at home. Our guide to bike tool kits equips you for any maintenance task. 🚴🛠️