How To Carry Your Phone While Cycling

Master the art of carrying your phone while cycling with our expert guide. Keep it secure, accessible, and protect it from elements. Get cycling-smart now!

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Summer is just around the corner! Are you a cycling enthusiast looking for a way to stay fit and explore the great outdoors? If so, you know how important it is to have your phone with you while you ride. But how do you keep it safe and secure?

Carrying your phone while cycling is important for safety, navigation, and data tracking. Various options exist, including handlebar mounts, pockets, armbands, or backpacks. In choosing a phone carrier, consider its size and weight, accessibility, weather resistance, security, and compatibility with future technology updates. 

Plus, we’ll share some expert tips to ensure your phone stays protected while you pedal away. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, keep reading to discover how to safely carry your phone while cycling.

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Why You Should Carry Your Phone

It can be challenging to carry your phone with you while cycling. You may think that leaving your phone behind is the best option, but that could be a big mistake. Here’s why carrying your phone while cycling matters:

  • Safety: You never know when an emergency may occur while cycling. Having your phone with you can provide peace of mind and enable you to call for help if needed
  • Navigation: If you’re cycling in an unfamiliar area, having your phone with you can help you find your way. You can use GPS or maps to navigate and avoid getting lost
  • Data Tracking: Bike computers and smartwatches can connect to the Internet via your mobile device. If you want to ensure information gets rapidly uploaded, you should carry your phone with you to make this possible
  • Music and Entertainment: This is debatable, however, we realize cycling can be a long and tedious activity. Having your phone with you can help you listen to music, podcasts, or audiobooks to keep you entertained and motivated. If you’re interested, check out 5 Of The Best Cycling Headphones

Carrying your phone while cycling doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are many ways to do it comfortably and safely, and we’ll cover them in the rest of this article.

Options For Carrying Your Phone

You need to keep your phone safe and secure, but also easily accessible. In this section, we’ll explore some options for carrying your phone while cycling.

Handlebar Mounts

One of the most popular options for carrying your phone while cycling is using a handlebar mount.

This type of mount attaches to your bike’s handlebars, providing a secure and accessible spot for your phone. Handlebar mounts come in different sizes and shapes, so you need to make sure that the one you choose fits your phone.

Some handlebar mounts also have additional features, such as waterproofing or a built-in power bank.

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Bike phone bag mount


Another option for carrying your phone while cycling is using pockets. Many cycling jerseys and shorts have pockets that are specifically designed for carrying small items like phones. These pockets are usually located on the back of the jersey or the side of the shorts. 

Pockets are a great option if you don’t want to add any extra weight to your bike or if you prefer not to have anything on your handlebars.


If you prefer to keep your phone on your body, an armband might be the right option for you. Armbands are designed to fit snugly around your arm, keeping your phone secure and easily accessible.

They are a good option if you don’t want to carry anything on your bike or if you need to access your phone frequently.


If you’re going on a long ride or carrying a lot of gear, a backpack might be the best option for carrying your phone.

Many cycling backpacks have dedicated pockets for phones, making it easy to access your phone without having to take off your backpack. Backpacks are also a good option if you need to carry other items, such as water bottles or snacks.

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Considerations When Choosing A Phone Carrier

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing an accessory to carry your phone whilst cycling.

Size and Weight

Do you have the need for speed? Then you’ll want your phone to be as lightweight and compact as possible.

A bulky phone can be uncomfortable to carry and can even affect your balance. Look for a carrier that offers lightweight and slim phone options that won’t weigh you down.


Are you using Strava or Google Maps? Then you’ll want to have easy access to your phone while cycling. Consider a carrier that offers phone cases with easy-to-use mounts or straps that allow you to quickly and easily access your phone while cycling.

Weather Resistance

Cycling can be an all-weather activity, so you need a phone carrier that can withstand the elements. Look for a carrier that offers weather-resistant phone cases or covers that will protect your phone from rain, snow, and other weather conditions.


You want to make sure your phone stays secure while cycling. Choose a carrier that offers phone cases with secure closures, such as zippers or snaps, to keep your phone safe and prevent it from falling out of your pocket or mount.

A flat tire or a cracked phone screen is never fun!

Future Proofing

Technology is constantly evolving, and you want a phone carrier that can keep up with the latest advancements. Look for phone mounts that have flexibility with phone cases or the size of the phone being mounted.

That’s all folks, ride on!

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