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Woman holding pulled hamstring

Is Cycling Good For Tight Hamstrings?

Do you have tight hamstrings? You may be wondering if cycling helps them or not. Discover what you should know about this common issue!

Cyclist drinking from water bottle

Best Cycling Hydration Drinks – Refuel Properly!

What kind of cycling hydration drinks do you need if you’re going to be spending hours riding? Check out these hydration drinks for your next ride!

Cyclist drinking from a white water bottle

How To Prevent Dehydration While Cycling

There are many reasons why cyclists may suffer from dehydration while riding. Find out what they are and how you can prevent them!

Exercise bike class

How To Convert Exercise Bike Miles To Steps

Exercise bikes are great tools for getting fit, but they don’t always provide accurate data. Learn how to convert your miles to steps here!

Woman and man running along the pavement

Is Running Or Cycling Worse For Your Knees?

Some niggling injuries or are worried about an old joint issue. Is running or cycling worse for your knees? Read on to find out more!

Female Running Along The Pavement

Can Indoor Cycling Help Improve My Running?

Looking for new ways to improve your running? Why not give indoor cycling a shot! Read on to see why indoor cycling can help improve your runnning.