Chief Editor
Bike Maintenance
Training & Nutrition
University of Nottingham


  • Owner of the site and an enthusiastic MAMIL (middle-aged man in lycra) with over 30 years of hands-on cycling experience.
  • Strong connections to local bike shop owners, industry experts, and professional cyclists.
  • Actively working on accomplishing major cycling challenges, including the Southern Tier route in the US and the Land's End to John o'Groats (UK).


Harry is not just a chief editor; he's an avid cyclist with a mission to help fellow enthusiasts find their footing (or should we say, "pedaling") in the vast world of cycling.

With over three decades of direct experience in riding diverse bike types, he brings an authentic, down-to-earth perspective to his writings. He understands the overwhelm that comes with the many bike options in the market, so he dedicates countless hours researching each topic, chatting with industry professionals, and even mingling with pro cyclists to get the most accurate information for his readers.

Harry's approach to content goes beyond mere recommendations. His philosophy emphasizes the importance of sharing know-how. Riding alongside professionals has enriched him with unique insights and experiences, which he's eager to share with his audience.

Beyond his professional realm, he passionately pursues photography and writing and continues challenging his limits in cycling and fitness.

Other Tidbits

Harry's hands-on experience and years of dedication to the sport speak volumes. By consistently pushing the boundaries, learning through trial and error, and staying updated with the latest in the cycling world.

Harry's vast and deep knowledge makes him a trustworthy voice in the community.

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