Bike Maintenance

Explore step-by-step guides, expert tips, and troubleshooting advice to ensure your bike rides as smoothly as the day you got it. Every great ride begins with a well-maintained bike!

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Foot on bike pedal close up

Why Do My Bike Pedals Keep Falling Off?

Stop your bike pedals from falling off! Discover the common reasons and expert tips to fix the issue. Don’t let a loose pedal ruin your ride. Read more now!

Mountain bike brakes

When Should I Replace My Bike Brakes?

A new set of brake pads may be needed sooner than you think. Check your brakes regularly and replace them as soon as they start to wear down.

Single bike wheel in workshop

When Should I Replace My Bike Wheels?

Are your bike wheels making noise or are the tires wearing out too fast? Find out when and why changing your bike wheels is important!

Bike pedal close up

When Should I Replace My Bike Pedals?

Replacing your bike pedals can be an expensive investment. But when should you replace them? Find out more here!

Bike rims on a wall

When Should I Replace My Bike Rims?

Are your bike wheels not feeling right? How often should you replace your bike rims? Find out the when and the why changing them is important!