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  • Passionate cyclist and writer, contributing to publications like Decline Magazine and Bicycle Guider.
  • Earned a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Kent State University.
  • Deep knowledge of the intricacies of cycling, nutrition, and associated sports like yoga, running, and hiking.


Amy Law embodies the spirit of cycling in every piece she pens. Her authentic passion for the sport isn't just a professional endeavor, it's a personal journey that lights up every article she crafts. Keeping abreast of the latest in cycling products, news, and trends, Amy's readers can always count on receiving the freshest insights from the world of wheels.

Beyond the saddle, Amy's expertise stretches into the realms of nutrition, yoga, running, and hiking. Such broad knowledge allows her to craft comprehensive content that resonates with a wide audience, from the rookie rider to the seasoned cyclist.

Outside the professional sphere, Amy finds solace in indoor rock climbing, experimenting with culinary creations in the kitchen, and brewing the perfect cup of coffee at home. These hobbies not only reflect her diverse interests but also fuel her creative juices, enriching her writing.

Other Tidbits

Amy holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Kent State University. While her formal education laid the foundation, it's her relentless pursuit of knowledge in the world of cycling and related fields that truly sets her apart.

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