4 Of The Best Road Bikes Under $2,000

Finding a road bike under $2,000 can be tricky because of the number of models on offer. Read on for the best road bike under $2,000 based on our experience!

Trek Emonda ALR 5

The road bike segment is a hotly contested variant of bicycles. When you expand your search to bikes under $2,000, you’ll find a wide range of offerings from various brands for your consideration. 

We’ve looked closely into the options available in this segment to help you narrow down your search to a few top models. Each of these bikes has its own strengths, and you should cross-reference your needs accordingly.

Our list of the top road bikes under $2,000 include:

Factors To Consider When Picking Road Bikes Under $2,000

Best Road Bike Under $2,000 - Key Buying Considerations

The Frame

The frame of your road bike plays a major role in determining the overall lifespan and durability of your chosen model. Make sure to look for carbon or aluminum bike frames as they’re the toughest, lightest, and most durable materials.

Carbon frames are the go-to choice when you’re looking for a great road bike that offers speed and performance.

Aluminum bikes, on the other hand, are much more affordable. These bikes are also available in a wider variety of styles than carbon frame road bikes.

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Road bikes usually have either padded brakes or disc brakes. Padded brakes are the cheaper option but are also easier to replace in the long run. 

Disc brakes are far more powerful and provide greater stopping power while requiring lesser pressure applied by the user.

Check out what the pros think about disc brakes in this video:

Gear System

The gear system of road bikes usually includes two cogs located in the front crank section. This is accentuated with a set of 12 gears located in the back cassette section of the bike.

Effectively, this setup leaves you with access to 24 gears in total. You’ll be able to utilize these gears to tackle a wide range of steep and sloping conditions.

A great gear system also allows you to travel distances with your road bike without feeling exhausted and making good time.

You should look to pick up a bike that offers as many speeds as possible to make your riding experience a lot easier. If you’re a speed rider, you should consider a model that has an 11-speed shifter to maximize your pace.

Road Bike Spokes


The weight of your road bike is another element that you should keenly examine before making your final decision. Most of the time, the weight of your bike comes down to the design of the frame and the materials utilized by the manufacturers.

It’s seen that aluminum frames are far lighter than their steel counterparts. These are the most commonly used materials in hybrid road bikes. It will be rare to find a steel frame at the $2,000 price range.

Carbon fiber is another material that’s seen in bikes in this price range, but you will only be scratching the surface. To make way for a carbon frame at the $2,000 range, manufacturers need to make cuts in other areas, usually the wheelset!

Those who use road bikes for triathlons and racing purposes should seek a bike that’s light enough to lift over your shoulders. It’s also pertinent to note that the overall weight of the bike has an impact on the maximum power and speed of the vehicle as well. 

There isn’t a standard weight for bikes as they tend to vary based on brands and designs. Most bikes in this segment fall between the 18 and 40 pound bracket.

The best road bikes tend to be between the 18 and 22 pound mark, and that’s something you should seek out during your purchase.

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Pro Cyclists In Group


The reach or stack of a bike is the vertical and horizontal distance between the bottom bracket of the vehicle and the top of the headtube. Noting these measurements will allow you to determine how comfortable the bike will feel when you’re sitting on it. 

This helps you find the best fit for your body type.

There isn’t a “right” measurement for this category. The rule of thumb states that the longer the stack, the more relaxed the upright seating position. The longer the reach, the more aerodynamic the bike feels.

Make sure to pick out bikes that have a longer stack and reach based on your body and dimensions.

If you’d like to understand more about bike geometry and what it all means, check out our bike geometry explanation article.


This is the moment of truth! We now dig into the features, pros, and cons of the best road bikes under $2,000.


This model takes our top honors because of its solid build quality and impressive list of features.

The T800 is built using a carbon fiber frame, handlebar seat post, fork, and wheelset. Thanks to the use of this material, you can expect this bike to be lightweight, durable, and tough.

A Shimano 105 groupset provides smooth shifting. This includes a Shimano 105 7000 2×11 speed gear system, V brake, crankset, and freewheel.

This bike was designed in a wind tunnel to check for its overall aerodynamic capabilities. The contouring of the bike is made to maximize this. Even the internal cable routing system helps to attain a clean airflow across the body of the bike.

A tapered head tube also helps in strengthening the torsion rigidity of the bike to offer greater handling. This specification dictates the stiffness of the frame. If the bike has improved rigidity, the frame will maintain its stiffness and ensure that you don’t feel the shocks experienced by the bike.

Only the quality of the wheelset seems questionable as users have reported that a better set would improve the riding experience.

  • Carbon fiber frame
  • Includes a Shimano 105 groupset
  • Aerodynamic design (designed in a wind tunnel!)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Average wheelset, slowing down the bike


This model by Savadeck is the premier road bike on our list and features the use of the Toray T800 carbon fiber frame. This allows the bike to weigh as little as 17 pounds, making it extremely lightweight and fast.

A Shimano Ultegra groupset is available in this model and this ensures that you have a smooth and comfortable ride, all the while offering you 22 speeds to tackle various conditions.

A set of Continental Ultra Sport II wheels will help boost your stability. This model was also tested in a wind tunnel, and this allows the bike to be able to break through winds with incredible ease.

Some users have noticed that there’s a design flaw in this bike – it can vibrate a bit during fast descents.

  • Built entirely with a carbon fiber frame
  • Excellent aerodynamics
  • Includes a 22-gear set
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality tires
  • Bike can vibrate during descents


Devinci Apex Gravel Bike

The Devinci Hatchet is an excellent all-terrain road bike that specializes in gravel roads.

The designers of this model have paid close attention to the geometry of this bike and fitted it with lofty tires that can tackle a wide range of conditions. 

In terms of the overall shape, this bike is quite similar to its predecessors barring one major development. The latest installment has a longer head tube and a shorter seat tube. This improves the comfort levels and riding experience of the rider.

The seat tube is specifically designed to offer a dedicated zero-offset post. When combined with the lower overall height of the bike, this feature helps fit short riders better during singletrack adventures.

A sturdy aluminum Hatchet frame includes the use of the SRAM Apex drivetrain system as well. This boosts the capacity and durability of this bike.

A sleek internal cable routing features wires directed to the port behind the headtube. This improves the overall look of the bike and ensures that there are no pesky wires getting in the way of your rides.

The frame stiffness of this bike is the one area of concern according to consumer reviews. Some riders believe an improvement here could help, especially in tough conditions.

  • Strong and sturdy aluminum frame
  • Lofty tires
  • Longer head tube and shorter seat tube to maximize comfort levels
  • Mediocre frame stiffness


Trek Émonda ALR 5

The Emonda ALR 5 is a high-quality road bike under the $2,000 segment. This bike is specifically built to be the lightest in its class with an overall weight of just 19.92 pounds.

It manages to achieve this by utilizing an alloy frame that’s sturdy enough to give you the experience of using a carbon frame.

The frame features the use of the lightweight 300 Alpha aluminum series. This includes the use of shaped tubes and an invisible weld technology to give you the illusion of riding a single frame.

You’ll find a carbon Emonda SL fork in this model. This form helps to greatly absorb the shocks from the road and ensure a smooth riding experience.

A neat internal cable routing system is in place in both the fork and frame to achieve a clean finish.

The full 2×11 Shimano 105 drivetrain system helps to achieve dependable and timely shifts as you tackle a wide range of terrains. You’ll be assisted by the powerful, hydraulic, flat-mount disc brakes and tubeless tires in your journeys as well.

Users only seem to have an issue with the handling of this bike as it could be improved considering the price tag of this model.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Carbon fork
  • Uses the full 2×11 Shimano 105 drivetrain
  • Flat-mount hydraulic disc brakes
  • Tubeless wheels
  • Handling not very sharp

King Of The Road

These road bikes are the perfect choice of transport for those who are either looking for a great workout in the city, or are seeking an eco-conscious way of getting around. These bikes are well designed for the urban environment and will offer an excellent riding experience. With a bit of extra zip 😀!

The SAVA HERD6.0 T800 Carbon Fiber Road Bike takes our top spot for being an overall quality road bike. Its carbon fiber frame is supported by a Shimano groupset, while the design and aerodynamics of this model are truly top of the line.

You can hit the ground running (cycling) with this bike and take your rightful place as king of the road (bikes)!

Solo Cyclist Riding Up A Mountain

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